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Tuition & Fee Information

Welcome to Thomas Jefferson University’s Tuition Homepage. This site will help you identify the Tuition and Fees that are applicable to your academic program. Please note: You should consult your academic department to determine whether or not the academic year for your program includes additional (e.g. summer) terms. You may be responsible for additional tuition and fees.

The information box, titled Need Help?, identifies the departments that you should contact if you have specific questions related to current charges on your student account.



If you are registered for classes, tuition and charges may be viewed on Banner Web.   At the start of each semester, students receive an email from the Tuition Office that alerts them that a new billing statement has been issued and is now available for viewing via Banner Web.   Students will not be eligible to attend classes unless all fees have been paid in full.   Please click here for information on how to pay your bill.

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws, who is requested to withdraw, who is dismissed for failure to maintain a satisfactory academic or clinical standard, or who is granted a leave of absence will be eligible for a refund of tuition paid in accordance with the policies as contained in the individual college/school online catalog or handbook.

The University reserves the right to amend any tuition and fees as circumstances may require.