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Integrated Course Catalog

As noted in the Mission Statement, Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) is “…committed to educating professionals in a variety of disciplines who will form and lead the integrated healthcare delivery and research teams of tomorrow.” The University meets this goal of developing integrated teams through the ongoing development and expansion of interprofessional educational opportunities, including offering classes that are available to all students enrolled at TJU, regardless of the individual’s discipline of study.

Thomas Jefferson University’s Integrated Course Catalog provides a complete list of the courses available to all Thomas Jefferson University students. Course information is compiled by the Colleges, but you can also use the “Search” option above to locate courses on a specific topic area.

If you are planning to take a course outside of your discipline, please note the following:

  1. Students must review all integrated course options with their academic advisor to determine whether a course outside of the discipline will apply toward their degree and ensure it will not interfere with any discipline specific requirements. Students will be allowed to register for a course outside of their discipline on-line. However, the Registrar’s Office must receive approval from the student’s academic division before the course registration is finalized.

  2. Tuition Charges: Part-time students incur additional per credit hour charges for all courses taken, regardless of whether the course is offered by their program or another academic division. Full-time students must obtain approval from their program of study before registering for a class outside of their discipline. Full-time students will not be charged additional tuition for a course, taken outside of their program, if that course fulfills a requirement of the curriculum, including electives. Full-time students may take only one three credit course during an academic year, that does not fulfill a requirement of the curriculum, including electives, without incurring additional tuition charges. Full-time students will incur additional tuition charges if they take more than one three credit course that does not fulfill a requirement of the curriculum during an academic year.
  3. If the enrollment in a course meets maximum capacity, then first priority must be given to students of the home college/school/department in which the course is offered. This is to ensure that students in each discipline can complete their degree requirements in a timely manner.
  4. This catalog includes only those courses that are available to all TJU students. Discipline specific courses are included in the individual Colleges catalogs.
  5. This catalog includes all courses that could be potentially offered in each semester, but does not guarantee that each course will be offered in that semester. Up-to-date information about actual courses offered each semester is provided via the University Registrar’s Office online registration process.