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Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson Medical College
Director, Division of Biostatistics
Director, KCC Biostatistics Shared Resource
Associate Professor
Appointed: 2005

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Mailing Address Contact Information
1015 Chestnut St, Suite M100
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Phone: (215) 503-7806
Fax: (215) 503-3804
Ph.D., Temple University, Statistics, 2001

Expertise and Research Interests
Current projects include investigation of colorectal cancer biomarkers, study of breast cancer disparity, and data analytic methods related to quantitative rt-pcr assays.
Other Expertise
Additional research includes individual and population bioequivalence methods applied to generic drug trials.
Biostatistics; Cancer; Carcinogenesis; Clinical Trials; Biomarkers
  • Selected recent publications
  • Siddiqui AA, Sifri R, Hyslop T, Andrel J, Rosenthal M, Vernon SW, Cocroft J, Myers RE. Race and response to colon cancer screening interventions. Prev Med 2011;52:262-4.
  • Chervoneva I, Li Y, Schulz S, Croker S, Wilson C, Waldman SA, Hyslop T. Selection of optimal reference genes for normalization in quantitative RT-PCR. BMC Bioinformatics 2010;11:253.
  • Waldman SA, Hyslop T, Schulz S, Barkun A, Nielsen K, Haaf J, Bonaccorso C, Li Y, Weinberg DS. Association of GUCY2C Expression in Lymph Nodes and Time to Recurrence and Disease-Free Survival in pN0 Colorectal Cancer, JAMA, 2009 Feb 18;301(7):745-52.
  • Chervoneva I, Li Y, Waldman SA, Hyslop T. Relative quantification based on logistic models for individual polymerase chain reactions, Statistics in Medicine, 26(30):5596-611, 2007.
  • Calin G, Liu C-G, Ferracin M, Hyslop T, Spizzo R, Sevignani C, Fabbri M, Cimmino A, Lee EJ, Wojcik SE, Shimizu M, Tilli E, Rossi S, Taccioli C, Pichiorri F, Liu X, Zupo S, Herlea V, Gramantieri L, Lanza G, Alder H, Rassenti L, Volina S, Schmittgen TD, Kipps TJ, Negrini M, Croce CM. Ultraconserved Regions Encoding ncRNAs are Altered in Human Leukemias and Carcinomas. Cancer Cell, 12, Issue 3, 215-229, 2007.
  • Li P, Bombanoti A, Palazzo J, Schulz S, Hyslop T, Xu Y, Siracusa L, Pitari G, Waldman SA. GCC controls intestinal tumorigenesis by opposing proliferation and genetic instability. Gastroenterology, 133:599-607, 2007.
  • Sevignani C, Calin GA, Nnadi SC, Shimizu M, Davaluri RV, Hyslop T, Demant P, Croce CM, Siracusa L. MicroRNA genes are frequently located near mouse cancer susceptibility loci, Proceedings National Academy Sciences, 104(19):8017-8022, 2007.
  • Chervoneva I, Hyslop T, Hauck WW. A multivariate test for population bioequivalence, Statistics in Medicine, 26(6):1208-23, 2007.
  • Schulz S, Hyslop T, Haaf J, Bonaccorso C, Nielsen K, Witek ME, Palazzo J, Weinberg D, Waldman SA. A validated quantitative assay to detect occult micrometasteses by RT-PCR of Guanylyl Cyclase C in patients with colorectal cancer, Clinical Cancer Research, 348(2):198-208, 2006.
  • Chervoneva I, Iglewicz B, Hyslop T. A general approach for two-stage analysis of multi-level clustered non-Gaussian data, Biometrics, 62, 752-759, 2006.
  • Chervoneva I, Hyslop T, Iglewicz B, Johns L, Wolfe H, Schulz S, Leong E, Waldman SA. Statistical algorithm for assuring similar efficiency in samples and standards for absolute quantification by real-time RT-PCR, Analytical Biochemistry, 348(2): 198-208, 2006.
  • Frick GS, Pitari GM, Weinberg DS, Hyslop T, Schulz S, Waldman SA. Guanylyl cyclase C: a molecular marker for staging and postoperative surveillance of patients with colorectal cancer. Expert Rev Mol Diagn. 2005 Sep;5(5):701-13.
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