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Faculty Affairs: Faculty Interests Database Timothy L. Manser, Ph.D.

Microbiology & Immunology
Dr. V. Watson Pugh and Frances Plimpton Pugh Professor and Chair
Jefferson Medical College
Thomas Jefferson University

Mailing Address Contact Information
302 BLSB, 233 South 10th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Phone: 215-503-4672
Fax: 215-923-4153
BA, University of California, San Diego, Revelle College, Biology, 1977
Ph.D, University of Utah, Biology, 1982
Postdoctoral Training, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Immunology, 1982-1985
Expertise and Research Interests
Our laboratory's interests center on the antigen-dependent stages of B cell differentiation in the mouse, leading to the generation of B cell memory and the control of B cell autoreactivity. We are investigating the mechanisms responsible for antigen-driven changes in the structure and function of the antibody repertoire during memory development, as well as the microenvironmental locales (particularly the germinal center (GC)) in which these changes take place. We are predominantly interested in the fate of B cells with autoreactive antigen receptors (either pre-existing or acquired via V region hypermutation) during memory B cell development. Additional projects concern the role of Fc receptors, the BAFF (BLyS) pathway, follicular dendritic cells and follicular helper T cells in the regulation of the B cell response. We have also recently established hematopoietically humanized mouse technology. We will be using this approach to study human autoimmune and infectious disease, as well as cancer immunotherapy in collaboration with other members of the Department and the Medical College.
Other Expertise
1991-present, Graduate and Medical School Courses in Immunology, Thomas Jefferson University

- Advisory Editor, The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1991-1997
- Associate Editor, The Journal of Immunology, 1993-1999
- Permanent Member, NIH, NIAID Experimental Immunology Study Section, 1995-1999.
- Section Editor, The Journal of Immunology, 1999-2003
- Editor, BMC Immunology, 2004-present
- Associate Editor, Frontiers in B Cell Biology, 2010-present
B lymphocyte, autoimmunity, immunological memory, immunological tolerance, lymphoid microenvironments, hematopoietically humanized mice
english, martian
  • Representative Publications Since 2001:
  • Lentz, V. M. and T. Manser "Cutting Edge: Germinal Centers can be Induced in the Absence of T Cells" (2001) J. Immunol. 167: 15-20.
  • Notidis, E., L. Heltemes and T. Manser "Dominant, Heirarchical Induction of Self-tolerance During Foreign Antigen-Driven B Cell Development" (2002) Immunity 17: 317-327.
  • Alabyev, B. and T. Manser, Bcl-2 Rescues the Germinal Center Response but does not Alter the Hypermutation Spectrum in MSH2 Deficient Mice (2002) J. Immunol. 169: 3819-3824.
  • Rahman, Z.S.M., S.P. Rao, S. Kalled and T. Manser, Normal Induction but Attenuated Progression of Germinal Center Responses in BAFF and BAFF-R Signaling Deficient Mice, (2003) J. Exp. Med. 198: 1157-1169.
  • Heltemes-Harris, L.M., X. Liu and T. Manser, Progressive Surface BCR Downregulation Accompanies Efficient Development of Anti-Nuclear Antigen B Cells to Mature, Follicular Phenotype (2004) J. Immunol. 172: 823-833.
  • Manser, T., Textbook Germinal Centers? (2004) J. Immunol. 172: 3369-3375.
  • Liu, X. and T. Manser, Antinuclear antigen B cells that downregulate surface BCR during development to mature, follicular phenotype do not display features of anergy in vitro (2005) J. Immunol. 174: 4505-4515.
  • Rahman, Z.S.M. and T. Manser, Failed Upregulation of the Inhibitory IgG Fc Receptor FcgRIIB on Germinal Center B cells in Autoimmune-prone Mice is not Associated with Deletion Polymorphisms in the Promoter Region of the FcgRIIB Gene (2005) J. Immunol. 175:1440-1449.
  • Rahman, Z.S.M., B. Alabyev and T. Manser. FcgRIIB Regulates Autoreactive Primary Antibody Forming Cell, but not Germinal Center B Cell, Activity (2007) J. Immunol., 178: 897-907.
  • Liu, X., L. J. Wysocki and T. Manser, Autoantigen-B Cell Antigen Receptor Interactions that Regulate Expression of B Cell Antigen Receptor Loci (2007) J. Immunol., 178: 5035-5047.
  • Alabyev, B. Z.S.M. Rahman and T. Manser, Quantitatively Reduced Participation of Anti-nuclear Antigen B Cells that Down Regulate BCR During Primary Development in the Germinal Center/memory B Cell Response to Foreign Antigen" (2007) J. Immunol., 178: 5623-5634.
  • Rahman, Z.S.M., H. Niu, D. Perry, E. Wakeland, T. Manser, and L. Morel, Expression of the Autoimmune Fcgr2b NZW Allele Fails to be Up-regulated in Germinal Center B Cells and Leads to Increased IgG Production (2007) Genes Immun. 8: 604-612.
  • Coffey, F., X. Liu and T. Manser, Toll-like receptor 9 and other MyD88-dependent TLRs are not required for primary and foreign antigen driven development of an anti-chromatin B cell clonotype (2007) J. Immunol. 179: 6663-6672.
  • Coffey, F., B. Alabyev and T. Manser, Initial clonal expansion of germinal center B cells takes place at the perimeter of follicles (2009) Immunity 30: 599-609.
  • Vuyyuru, R., C. Mohan, T. Manser and Z. S. M. Rahman The lupus susceptibility locus Sle1 breaches peripheral B cell tolerance at the antibody forming cell and germinal center checkpoints (2009) J. Immunol. 183: 5716-5727.
  • Schwickert, T. A., B. Alabyev, T. Manser and M. C. Nussenzweig, Germinal center re-utilization by newly activated B cells (2009) J. Exp. Med. 206: 2907-2914.
  • Coffey, F. and T. Manser, Expression of cFLIP by B cells is required for their participation in an immune response (2010) J. Immunol. 184: 4871-4879.

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