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Cancer Biology

Department of Cancer Biology
Kimmel Cancer Center
Jefferson Medical College
Appointed: 2006
Mailing Address Contact Information
233 S. 10th St. (Room 609-Bluemle)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Phone: 215-503-9064
  • H. Yuan, D. Rossetto, H. Mellet, W. Dang, M. Srinivasan, J. Johnson, S. Hodawadekar, E. C. Ding, K. Speicher, N. Abshiru, R. Perry, D. W. Speicher, P. Thibault, A. Verreault, F. B. Johnson, S. L. Berger, R. Sternglanz, S. B. McMahon, J. Côté, and R. Marmorstein. 2012. MYST Protein Acetyltransferase Activity Requires Active Site Lysine Autoacetylation. EMBO J. 30:58-70.
  • X.Y. Zhang , H.K. Pfeiffer , H.S. Mellert, T.J. Stanek, R. T. Sussman, D. Yu, I. Rigoutsos, A. Thomas-Tikhonenko, H.E. Seidel, L.A. Chodosh, G. Packham and S.B. McMahon. 2011. Inhibition of the single downstream target BAG1 activates the latent apoptotic potential of MYC. Mol. Cell. Biol. 31:5037-5045.
  • G. La Rocca, B. Shi, A. Audia, H.S. Mellert, B. Calabretta, S.B. McMahon, L. Sepp-Lorenzino and R. Baserga. 2011. Regulation of micro RNA-145 by differentiation and growth arrest. Experimental Cell Research 317:488-95.
  • E. Sotillo, H. Mellert, J. M. Schelter, M. A.Cleary, S. McMahon and A. Thomas-Tikhonenko. 2011. Myc overexpression brings out unexpected anti-apoptotic effects of miR-34a. Oncogene 30:2587-94 .
  • C. Charvet, M. Wissler, P. Brauns-Schubert, S.-J. Wang, Y. Tang, F. C. Sigloch, H. Mellert, M. Brandenburg, S. E. Lindner, B. Breit, D. R. Green, S. B. McMahon, C. Borner, W. Gu and U. Maurer. Phosphorylation of Tip60 by GSK-3 determines the induction of PUMA and apoptosis by p53. 2011. Molecular Cell 42:584-96.
  • "Preview. 2011. GSK3 TIPping Off p53 to Unleash PUMA. Molecular Cell. 42:555-556
  • H.S. Mellert, T.J. Stanek, S.M. Sykes, F.J. Rauscher 3rd, D.C. Schultz and S.B. McMahon. 2011. HDAC1 regulates apoptosis via deacetylation of the p53 DNA binding domain. J. Biol. Chem. 286:4264-70.
  • R. Sussman, X.Y. Zhang and S.B. McMahon. 2011. Enzymatic assays for assessing histone deubiquitylation activity. Methods 54:339-347.
  • Norvell and S.B. McMahon. 2010. Rise of the rival: Dynamic lysine acetylation provides an evolutionarily conserved mechanism for controlling metabolic flux in bacteria and humans. Science 327:964-965
  • S.B. McMahon. 2010. Emerging concepts in the analysis of transcriptional targets of the MYC oncoprotein: Are the targets targetable? Genes & Cancer 1:560-567
  • P. Aggarwal, L. P. Vaites, J. K. Kim, H. Mellert, B. Gurung, H. Nakagawa, M. Herlyn, X. Hua, A. K. Rustgi, S. B. McMahon and J. A. Diehl. 2010. Nuclear Cyclin D1/CDK4 Kinase Regulates CUL4 Expression and Triggers Neoplastic Growth via Activation of the PRMT5 Methyltransferase. Cancer Cell 18:329-40
  • "Faculty of 1000-Recommended Reading
  • S.M. Sykes, T.J. Stanek, A. Frank, M.E. Murphy and S.B. McMahon. 2009. Acetylation of the DNA Binding Domain Regulates Transcription-Independent Apoptosis By p53. J. Biol. Chem. 284:20197-205.
  • H.S. Mellert and S.B. McMahon. 2009. Biochemical pathways that regulate acetyltransferase and deacetylase activity in mammalian cells. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 34:571-578.
  • H.S. Mellert and S.B. McMahon. 2009. hMOF: a KAT(8) with many lives. Molecular Cell 36:174-175.
  • X. Zhang, M. Varthi, S.M. Sykes, C. Phillips, C. Warzecha, W. Zhu, A. Wyce, A.W. Thorne, S.L. Berger, S.B. McMahon. 2008. The Putative Cancer Stem Cell Marker USP22 Is a Subunit of the Human SAGA Complex Required for Activated Transcription and Cell-Cycle Progression. Molecular Cell 29:102-11.
  • "Preview. 2008. Dubbing SAGA Unveils New Epigenetic Crosstalk. Molecular Cell. 29:152-4.
  • "Faculty of 1000-Recommended Reading
  • X. Zhang, H. Pfeiffer, A.W. Thorne, S.B. McMahon. 2008. USP22, an hSAGA subunit and potential cancer stem cell marker, reverses the polycomb-catalyzed ubiquitylation of histone H2A. Cell Cycle 7:1522-4.
  • S.B. McMahon. 2008. Control of nucleotide biosynthesis by the MYC oncoprotein. Cell Cycle 7:2275-6.
  • D.R. Wise, R.J. DeBerardinis, A. Mancuso, N. Sayed, X. Zhang, H.K. Pfeiffer, I. Nissim, E. Daikhin, M. Yudkoff, S.B. McMahon, C.B. Thompson 2008. Myc Regulates a Transcriptional Program that Stimulates Mitochondrial Glutaminolysis and Leads to Glutamine Addiction. P.N.A.S. (USA) 105:18782-18787.
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  • J.H. Patel and S.B. McMahon. 2007. BCL2 Is a Downstream Effector of MIZ-1 Essential for Blocking c-MYC-induced Apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem. 282: 5-15.
  • "Editors Choice. 2007. Science 315:303.
  • X. Zhang, L.M. DeSalle and S.B. McMahon. 2006. Identification of novel targets of MYC whose transcription requires the essential MbII domain. Cell Cycle 5: 238-241.
  • J.H. Patel and S.B. McMahon. 2006. Targeting of MIZ-1 is essential for MYC-mediated apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem. 281:3283-3289.
  • P.S. Knoepfler, X. Zhang, P.F. Cheng, P.R. Gafken, S.B. McMahon and R.N. Eisenman. 2006. Myc regulates global chromatin structure. EMBO J. 12: 2723-34.
  • "Faculty of 1000-Recommended Reading
  • C.M. Chau, X. Zhang, S.B. McMahon and P.M. Lieberman. 2006. Regulation of Epstein-Barr Virus latency type by the chromatin boundary factor CTCF. J. Virology 80:5723-5732.
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  • "Preview. 2006. To die or not to die: a HAT trick. Molecular Cell. 24:807-8.
  • "Editors Choice. 2007. Nature Reviews-Mol. Cellular Biology 8:96-7.
  • "Faculty of 1000-Recommended Reading
  • X. Zhang, L.M. DeSalle, J.H. Patel, A.J. Capobianco, D. Yu, A. Thomas-Tikhonenko and S.B. McMahon. 2005. Metastasis-associated protein 1 (MTA1) is an essential downstream effector of the c-MYC oncoprotein. P.N.A.S. (USA) 102: 13968-73.
  • "Editors Choice. 2005. Cancer Biology and Therapy. 4:1175-6.
  • "Faculty of 1000-Recommended Reading

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