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Dermatology & Cutaneous Biology
Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson Medical College
Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Biology
Associate Professor

Mailing Address Contact Information
233 South 10th Street, 428 BLSB
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Phone: 215-503-3240
Fax: 215-503-5788
Epithelial Biology; Molecular Genetics; Cutaneous Diseases; Cell-Cell Adhesion; Carcinogenesis
  • Loss of desmosomal adhesion is the underlying cause of several human autoimmune, infectious, and inherited diseases resulting in fragility and abnormality in diverse tissues such as the skin, hair and heart. Our research efforts are directed at studying the roles of desmosomal proteins in regulating epithelial cell adhesion, growth and survival.
  • Brennan D, MG Mahoney (2009) Increased expression of Dsg2 in malignant skin carcinomas: A tissue-microarray based study. Cell Adh Migr. 3(2):148-54.
  • Mahoney MG, D Brennan, B Starcher, J Faryniarz, J Ramirez, L Parr, J Uitto (2009) Extracellular matrix in cutaneous aging: The effects of 0.1% copper zinc malonate containing cream on elastin biosynthesis. Exp Dermatol. 18(3):205-11.
  • Stojadinovic O, I Pastar, S Vukelic, MG Mahoney, D Brennan, A Krzyzanowska, M Golinko, H Brem, M Tomic-Canic (2008) "Deregulation of keratinocyte differentiation and activation: a hallmark of venous ulcers". J Cell Mol Med. 12(6B):2675-90.
  • Sobolik-Delmaire T, D Katafiasz, SA Keim, MG Mahoney and JK Wahl 3rd (2007) Decreased plakophilin-1 expression promotes increased motility in HNSCC cells. Cell Commun Adhes. 14:99-109.
  • Brennan D, Y Hu, S Joubeh, YW Choi, D Whitaker-Menezes, T OBrien, J Uitto, U Rodeck and MG Mahoney (2007) Suprabasal Dsg2 expression in transgenic mouse skin confers a hyperproliferative and apoptosis-resistant phenotype to keratinocytes. J Cell Sci. 120:758-71.
  • Mahoney MG and EJ Muller (2006) Controversies in Experimental Dermatology: Are desmoglein autoantibodies essential for the immunopathogenesis of pemphigus vulgaris, or just witnesses of disease? Viewpoint 7. Exp Dermatol. 15:830-1.
  • Hisham B, A Getz, MG Mahoney, L Langbein, JK Wahl and AM Christiano (2006) Desmoglein 4 is characteristically expressed in highly differentiated keratinocytes and trichocytes in human skin. Differentiation 74:129-40.
  • Mahoney MG, Y Hu, D Brennan, H Bazzi, AM Christiano and J Wahl (2006) Delineation of diversified desmoglein distribution in stratified squamous epithelia: implications in diseases. Exp Dermatol. 15:101-9.

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