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Faculty Affairs: Faculty Interests Database Mark Fortini, PhD

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Associate Professor
Mailing Address Contact Information
BLSB 830, 233 South 10th St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Phone: 215-503-7322
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1990
Expertise and Research Interests
Signaling mechanisms in neurogenesis and neurodegeneration; cell biology of Notch receptor trafficking and proteolysis; developmental genetics and human disease modeling in Drosophila.
signal transduction; Drosophila; genetics; Notch receptor; developmental biology; neuroscience; neurogenesis; Alzheimer's disease; gamma-secretase; membrane trafficking; proteolysis
  • Sasamura, T., Matsuno, K., and Fortini, M.E. (2013). Disruption of Drosophila melanogaster lipid metabolism enzymes causes tissue overgrowth associated with altered developmental signaling. PLoS Genetics 9: e1003917.
  • Groth, C., Sasamura, T., Khanna, M.R., Whitley, M., and Fortini, M.E. (2013). Protein trafficking abnormalities in Drosophila tissues with impaired activity of the ZIP7 zinc transporter Catsup. Development 140: 3018-3027.
  • Yousefian, J., Troost, T., Grawe, F., Sasamura, T., Fortini, M.E., and Klein, T. (2013). Dmon1 controls recruitment of Rab7 to maturing endosomes in Drosophila. J Cell Sci 126: 1583-1594.
  • Groth, C. and Fortini, M.E. (2012). Therapeutic approaches to modulating Notch signaling: Current challenges and future prospects. Semin Cell Dev Biol 23: 465-472.
  • Yamakawa, T., Yamada, K., Sasamura, T., Nakazawa, N., Kanai, M., Suzuki, E., Fortini, M.E., and Matsuno, K. (2012). Deficient Notch signaling associated with neurogenic pecanex is compensated for by the unfolded protein response in Drosophila. Development 139: 558-567.
  • Fortini, M.E. (2012). Notch in development and disease. Semin Cell Dev Biol 23: 19-20.
  • Groth, C., Alvord, W.G., QuiƱones, O.A., and Fortini, M.E. (2010). Pharmacological analysis of Drosophila melanogaster gamma-secretase with respect to differential proteolysis of Notch and APP. Mol Pharmacol 77: 567-574.
  • Stempfle, D.*, Kanwar, R.*, Loewer, A.*, Fortini, M.E. and Merdes, G. (2010). In vivo reconstitution of gamma-secretase in Drosophila results in substrate specificity. Mol Cell Biol 30: 3165-3175 (*equal contribution)
  • McBride, S.M.J., Choi, C.H., Schoenfeld, B.P., Rudominer, R.L., Liebelt, D.A., Ferreiro, D., Choi, R.J., Terlizzi, A.M., Ferrick, N.J., Koenigsberg, E., Hinchey, P., Kollaros, M., Bell, A.J., Sumida, A., Chiorean, S., Siwicki, K.K., Nguyen, H.T., Fortini, M.E., McDonald, T.V., and Jongens, T.A. (2010). Pharmacological and genetic reversal of age-dependent behavioral plasticity defects in a Drosophila model of Alzheimers disease. J Neurosci 30: 9510-9522.
  • Fortini, M.E. (2009). Notch signaling: the core pathway and its posttranslational regulation. Dev Cell 16: 633-647.
  • Fortini, M.E. and Bilder, D. (2009). Endocytic regulation of Notch signaling. Curr Opin Genet Dev 19: 3230328.
  • Vaccari, T., Lu, H., Kanwar, R., Fortini, M.E., and Bilder, D. (2008). Endosomal entry regulates Notch receptor activation in Drosophila. J Cell Biol 180: 755-762.
  • Lu, Y., Lv, Y., Ye, Y., Wang, Y., Hong,Y., Fortini, M.E., Zhong, Y., and Xie, Z. (2007). A role for presenilin in post-stress regulation: effects of presenilin mutations on Ca[2+] currents in Drosophila. FASEB J 21: 2368-2378.
  • Seidner, G.A., Ye, Y., Faraday, M.M., Alvord, W.G., and Fortini, M.E. (2006). Modeling clinically heterogeneous Presenilin mutations with transgenic Drosophila. Curr Biol 16: 1026-1033.
  • Periz, G. and Fortini, M.E. (2004). Functional reconstitution of gamma-secretase through coordinated expression of Presenilin, Nicastrin, Aph-1, and Pen-2. J Neurosci Res 77: 309-322.
  • Hu, Y. and Fortini, M.E. (2003). Different cofactor activities in gamma-secretase assembly: evidence for a Nicastrin-Aph-1 subcomplex. J Cell Biol 161: 685-690.
  • Hu, Y., Ye, Y. and Fortini, M.E. (2002). Nicastrin is required for gamma-secretase cleavage of the Drosophila Notch receptor. Dev Cell 2: 69-78.
  • Bonini, N.M. and Fortini, M.E. (2003). Human neurodegenerative disease modeling in Drosophila. Annu Rev Neurosci 26: 627-656.
  • Fortini, M.E. (2002). gamma-secretase-mediated proteolysis in cell-surface receptor signalling. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 3: 673-684.

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