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Faculty Affairs: Faculty Interests Database Andrea Morrione, PhD

Associate Professor
Director of Urology Research
Department of Urology
Kimmel Cancer Center
Biology of Prostate Cancer Program
Mailing Address Contact Information
620 BLSB , 233 South 10th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Phone: 215-503-4519
Fax: 215-923-0249
1992: Ph.D., University of Milan, Italy, Biological Sciences.
1992-1993: Research Fellow, Biochemistry, University of Milan, Italy.
1993-1997: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Microbiology and Immunology,
Thomas Jefferson University in the laboratory of Dr. Renato Baserga.
Expertise and Research Interests
1) Progranulin (also known as proepithelin, granulin-epithelin precursor, PCDGF or acrogranin) is a secreted pluripotent growth factor that plays a significant role in cell proliferation and cell cycle progression in many cellular systems. Progranulin is highly expressed in several aggressive tumors, where the malignancy grade correlates with its expression levels. Progranulin is also promoting cell migration, and it is important in wound healing and tissue repair. Given its critical role in wound repair and cancer progression, proepithelin may prove a useful clinical target for prognosis and therapy. Despite the strong connections with growth control and cancer, proepithelins mode of action is not well understood. Furthermore, the progranulin receptor and/or proteins that mediate the early stages of progranulin signaling from the plasma membrane have not been identified.
We are now investigating the role of progranulin and novel membrane progranulin-interacting proteins, which we hypothesize are either the progranulin receptor or proteins involved in progranulin signaling, in proliferation, migration and transformation of bladder and prostate cancer cells.

2) The tyrosine kinase type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-IR) plays a significant role in a variety of cellular processes including mitogenesis, differentiation and increased cell motility. Aberrant IGF-IR signaling contributes toward tumor progression through its antiapoptotic action and the induction of prometastatic pathways. Targeted depletion of the IGF-IR reverses the transforming phenotype and sensitizes cells to anticancer treatments in several cancer cell models, suggesting that the IGF-IR plays a broad role in cancer.
We have recenrly determined the role of the IGF-IR in bladder cancer.
We demonstrated that the IGF-IR is overexpressed in invasive bladder cancer tissues compared to non-malignant controls. We have investigated the role of the IGF-IR in bladder cancer using urothelial carcinoma-derived 5637 and T24 cells. Although activation of the IGF-IR did not appreciably affect their growth, it did promote migration and stimulate in vitro wound closure and invasion. These effects required the activation of the Akt and MAPK pathways and IGF-I induced Akt- and MAPK-dependent phosphorylation of paxillin, which relocated at dynamic focal adhesions and it was necessary for promoting motility in bladder cancer cells.
Additionally,we have recently characterize Pyk2 funcition in urothelial cancer cells and shown that Pyk2 is critical in regulating IGF-IR-dependent motility and signaling of invasive urothelial cancer cells.
Our results support the hypothesis that the IGF-IR may play a critical role in the establishment of the invasive phenotype in urothelial neoplasia. The IGF-IR and Pyk2 may also serve as novel biomarkers for bladder cancer.
More recent projects include the characterization of the IR and IGF-IR cross-talk to DDR1 and bladder cancer progression.

Other Expertise
Cell signaling
cell transformation
bladder cancer
growth factors and growth factor receptors
Progranulin; Bladder Cancer; Prostate cancer; Cell Biology; Cell Signaling; Endocytosis; Grb10; IGF-IR; IR; Migration; Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts; Nedd4; Proepithelin; Sorting; Ubiquitination; Urology; invasion; wound healing
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