Migrating from xvm98/xvm99 to CF9DEV

  • DNS for w3.dev.jefferson.edu can be deleted.
  • Set up DNS's and Scheduled Tasks on new server
  • Search apps for what's needed in /images/, /styles/, /js/, /etc/, /university/, /templates/, /includes/
  • Have a better strategy for documents and images uploads
  • E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\images\ (See Faculty Image API below)
  • e:\inetpub\w3root\faculty\sponsorship (See Remote file management API below)
    • this needs to be changed to using a subfolder under sponsorship not under faculty
  • AEM etc folder is used by apps that are attempting to look like the main website. We should change these app's default templates.
  • abington-giving assets folder should be moved under its own folder, not in root.
    • also move these files in root: giving.cfm, giving.base.js
Not migrating these folders
  • _alumnitest
  • _mmServerScripts
  • abington-magnet
  • ajax
  • aspnet_client
  • bookstore
  • clinical_skills_simulation
  • content
  • focus_group_registration
  • gmail-redirect
  • healthdecisions
  • healthdecisions_not_used
  • home
  • housing
  • HPNL
  • human_resources
  • ice-beta
  • includes
  • internal_applications_not_working
  • ist
  • jeffit
  • jmc
  • js
  • jtog
  • lcme
  • middlestates
  • New_Innovations
  • ohr
  • oia
  • Pharmacy
  • scripts
  • styles
  • tedmed
  • tedmed-old
  • tjudocs
  • university
root files: beyond.html, calendar2.cfm, circle.png, index_old.cfm, integration.html, ist.base.js, ist.mega-flyouts.html, ist.mobile-flyouts.html, university.base.js, university.mega-flyouts.html, videos.html
Applications and folders to migrate
App Name URL at w3.jefferson.edu CF Datasource Name Datasource Type Database Schema or SID Name Database Server DB Username
Giving to Abington Health Foundation /abington-giving/ n/a
GuestPass (AISR)
Academic Information Services and Research)
/aisr/ LibGuestPassLive PostgreSQL aisrp coldfusion
APIs /api/
Decision Counseling Program
(only admin needed)
/dca/ healthdecisions PostgreSQL healthdecisions coldfusion
DCP Encryption /dca_encryption/ n/a
Copy of AEM etc folder /etc/ n/a
Faculty Interests Database /faculty/ facint_prod Oracle TJUAWSP facint
Giving assets /give-assets/ n/a
Giving /giving/ n/a
images /images/ n/a
includes /includes/ n/a
Innovation /innovation/ innovation PostgreSQL innovation coldfusion
Consultant Management /internal_applications/ educ_cc
Consultant Management /jeffline/ educ_cc
javascript /js/ n/a
POMEE documents /POMEE/ n/a
Pulse News /Pulse/
Registrar Tuition /registrar/
Scale of Empathy /scales/ jmcscales PostgreSQL coldfusion
scripts /scripts/ n/a
SKMC (three things here) /skmc/
Charitable Giving & Sponsorship /sponsorship/ sponsorship PostgreSQL sponsorship coldfusion
styles /styles/
templates /templates/
testing code /test/
university /university/